I-23, DLF Industrial Area, Phase 1, Faridabad, Haryana, India


Cosmos Non Clog pumps can handle thick, soft, wet mud or other similarly viscous mixtures of liquids and solids, especially the product of an industrial or refining process.

Suitable for Applications: Water containing mud, sludge or light slurry, tank clean-out, trench and pond cleaning, and mining.

  • Specific gravity up to 1.4,
  • PH values from 5 to 8,
  • Motor capacity 6-10 HP
  • Bottom side discharge design.
  • Solid handling capacity up to 40 MM

Electric motor insulation class H with B1 Metallic Thermal Switches imbedded in Stator Winding which trip the motor in case of Excessive temperature ensure safe operation .

All Hardware parts like strainer, outlet, lifting hooks & seal housing are in SS for Maximum corrosion resistance & long life. Heavy duty SKF bearings to withstand shocks and overloads, Aluminum Alloy stator casing for best heat dissipation and corrosion resistance ensures life longevity & easy to repair.