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At Construction site, Dewatering becomes very necessary during Casting of Foundation and Excavation and during Monsoon time, when excavated site fills with Rainy Water. Deeper construction sites inevitably require larger, more sophisticated pumps. A third key factor in construction applications is the quantity of solids in the water. Construction dewatering is rarely a simple, clean job. Groundwater, in particular, usually contains various types of sediment, gravel, and other abrasive solids that can deteriorate a regular pump with low tolerance. Furthermore, excavated soil and cement on the construction site can also mix with the water to create a slurry that is beyond the capacity of some pumping systems.

In terms of solid removal capabilities, pumps can be separated into three classes:

Drainage pumps: These pumps are used for removing water with minimal suspended solids
Sludge pumps: As their name suggests, sludge pumps are best suited for non-abrasive sediments and sludge removal
Slurry pumps: These pumps are used for removing water with heavy suspended solids, such as sand, gravel, or concrete

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