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Tunneling technology has developed rapidly over the past few decades delivering shorter travel times and safer journeys through mountainous areas or below more congested areas. Tunnels have the potential to improve transport links, supporting infrastructure and thereby the wider economy. However, where there are tunnels, there is water and its management is a key consideration in any major tunnel construction project. Engineering teams may have to extract significant volumes of water from the construction site in order to stabilize the ground or prevent flooding of the work area. Pump selection is based on a number of parameters.

The most fundamental of these are the required flow rate and head.

Drainage pumps: These pumps are used for removing water with minimal suspended solids

Sludge pumps: As their name suggests, sludge pumps are best suited for non-abrasive sediments and sludge removal

Slurry pumps: These pumps are used for removing water with heavy suspended solids, such as sand, gravel, or concrete


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