Construction of a river bridge on the Ganga in Patna

Thanks to Cosmos Pumps’ efficient dewatering technique, the Ganga river bridge project in Patna was completed without incident. The results of this included earlier foundation placement, financial savings, and increased safety.

Overcoming Subterranean Water Challenges

The Problem:

Water had to be pumped out through the dewatering process because excavation work was required to lay the foundation for the bridge columns on the river.


It might prompt possible postponements and difficulties, requiring extra assets and time to oversee water evacuation, possibly ruining progress in establishing the groundwork of scaffold segments.

Pumps Used:




Accurate Progress


Cost Control


Safety Confirmation

Solution Implemented

  • Submersible Pumps (35 HP): The client received two pumps and other equipment for the "Well sinking process" dewatering.
  • The well sinking procedure: In order to construct a sturdy foundation for bridge columns, the well sinking procedure involves digging a long, cylindrical shaft into the ground. Drilling equipment is typically used in this approach to drill through layers of soil and rock to the desired depth. When the well is dug, it is built up with materials, for example, cement or steel, to give structural integrity and backing to the bridge segments. This guarantees the steadiness and life span of the bridge structure.
  • Pulling out the water during great sinking process is a drawn-out task, as for the most part, the water stream rate inside the barrel shaped region while establishing the groundwork is higher than dewatering process. Our top notch dewatering pumps are exceptionally fit for dewatering and take out water at a higher rate compared with input progression of stream.
  • The Ganga River was at full flow, and the development group was getting bombed subsequent to utilizing other dewatering pumps.
  • The site was quite challenging and our team also faced several challenges but Cosmos Pumps’ team strength lies in Conceptualization of the Dewatering project and right execution with world class dewatering pumps.


  • Uninterrupted Construction
  • Cost Savings
  • Safety Assurance
  • Stakeholder Satisfaction

Project Outcomes and Strategic Insights

Long-term Benefits:

Structural Integrity
Structural Integrity

The dewatering solutions implemented by Cosmos Pumps ensured the structural integrity of the project.

Improved Safety
Improved Safety

Dewatering of the required area of the site by the team of Cosmos Pumps improved safety conditions for the workers many fold.


Dewatering with Cosmos Pumps ensured the smooth progress of excavation work, facilitating the laying of foundations for bridge columns on the river.

Future Recommendations:

Efficient dewatering processes to minimize civil work delays, continuous monitoring, and adaptable dewatering strategies are recommended to preemptively address similar challenges, with Cosmos Pumps at the forefront of innovation in pump technology.