Our dewatering pumps are widely used in mines to move mine water away from working areas, typically to a central sump, by pumping it from trenches and low places.

Efficient Dewatering Solutions For Mines

In mining operations, our dewatering pumps are heavily utilized, mostly for the purpose of removing water from trenches and low-lying areas and releasing it far from areas of active activity. Usually, the water is directed towards a central sump. Additionally, some mines use portable pneumatic centrifugal auto prime pumps to meet certain localized dewatering requirements. Significant surface water is a common issue for open-pit mines, which can reduce output. By recycling released water for agricultural and potable uses inside the mining site, Cosmos Pumps enables you to reroute surface water intrusion to designated operational areas and promote a more sustainable approach.


Ensure Safe Working Conditions

Maintain Operational Efficiency

Address Surface Water Challenges

Promote Sustainability

Maintaing Dry Working Conditions for Mines

Mine water is frequently pumped from low spots and trenches away from working areas, typically to a central sump. For localized dewatering operations, several mines also use portable pneumatic centrifugal auto prime pumps. Surface water inflow into open pit mines is frequently substantial, which has a negative effect on the production profile. The intake of surface water can be transferred by Cosmos Pumps to its working pits. encourages the recycling of discarded water to be used for drinking and agriculture in working pits.

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