Jammu-Srinagar Railroad Tunnel (T48 and T49, India’s longest railroad tunnel)

Cosmos Pumps successfully controlled the amount of water building in the railroad tunnels between Jammu and Srinagar by employing a phased dewatering technique, guaranteeing continuous construction, improved safety, and on-time project completion.

Overcoming Subterranean Water Challenges

The Problem:

Water accumulation was occurring on the higher, upward-facing side of the under construction railway tunnel as a result of the longer length—more than 12 kilometers—of the negative path for water to exit. It is expected to siphon out the water from the railroad burrow for additional development and work.


Water aggregation in the railroad burrow presents delays in development exercises, requiring extra assets and time, possibly prompting project mishap.

Pumps Used:

Entire submersible range (CDW, CNC, CSW, CSL)



Expedite Water Expulsion


Minimize Dangers to Safety


Maximize the Use of Resources


Stick to the Project Schedule

Solution Implemented

Auto-Prime Pumps: 10-15 Pumps and Submersible Pumps: 250-280 Stage dewatering idea was proposed and carried out by Cosmso Specialists group because of longer length of passage, so different pits were made individually, staying away from one another. Then, at that point, dewatering action was finished by moving water from one pit to another in a chain action and by doing this action, the gathered water was tossed out of the passage.


  • Construction without interruptions
  • Increased Security
  • Cost-cutting
  • Improved Undertaking Productivity

Project Outcomes and Strategic Insights

Long-term Benefits:

Infrastructure Integrity
Infrastructure Integrity

Dewatering the site completely helped in maintaining the integrity of the infrastructure thoroughly.

Operational Proficiency
Operational Proficiency

The operational proficiency of the construction of the New Parliament House improved with the help of Cosmos Pumps' dewatering solutions.


Addressing the water collection issue in the extended rail route burrow was basic for guaranteeing continuous development progress, keeping up with wellbeing principles, and on time delivery of the project.

Future Recommendations:

To guarantee consistent development progress in Passage and limit the risk of postponements, persistent observation, versatile dewatering procedures are prescribed to prudently address comparable difficulties, with Cosmos Pumps at the cutting edge of advancement in dewatering innovation.