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Cosmos dewatering pump in Kolkata can help to remove unwanted water from the sites of construction. We offer a wide variety of dewatering pumps as per the usage. Our CDW and CAP series are known as mud pumps. They are helpful in removing water in which mud is dissolved. But they might not be applicable at times when the quantity of mud is more and the quantity of water is less. At such times sludge dewatering pumps are used. These are the types of CNC pumps.

There are two categories as well. The first is the CSW series. These are used to dewater municipality water. This is a mix of city waste with water. Another category is the CSL category. Slurry dewatering pumps fall in this category. As the name suggests these types of pumps are used to remove slurry, that is, dust other than mud, is dissolved in the water.

dewatering pump in kolkata
dewatering pump kolkata

And these are not all. We also render Auto Prime Dewatering Pumps. These can be used with or without canopy depending on the requirements. And the complete set of Auto Prime Dewatering Pumps comes with the COSMOSMART Feature. With the help of this our customers or users of the pump can remotely track the location of the pump, check real-time data for fuel consumption and other things. Track record for previous 6 months is also available.
You can also check for re-fueling and information regarding fuel theft. It also helps in preventing break down by sending an alert on your mobile.

Rental and Repair Service

We also provide dewatering pumps for rent in Kolkata. Renting dewatering pumps proves to be beneficial rather than purchasing them. There is no maintenance and repair cost along with no capital outlay either. You would require zero handling space, cost and no manpower for off monsoon seasons.