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Choosing the right submersible pump for the purpose of dewatering service can be a difficult task but it is a really important one. There are multiple factors to be considered while making this decision. And if you are unable to decide then you can always take help from an expert regarding the best solution for you. 

Cosmos Pumps, being one of the best dewatering pump manufacturers, can help you pick the right submersible pump such as a sewage pump, drainage pump or sludge pump. Let us know your requirements and we will help you make the right decision.

What happens when you go out in the market to purchase a pump, is that you might think the biggest, and long-lasting pump will be the best for you. But this is not true for all. Every dewatering pump has its own set of features and fits in certain conditions. Though one pump might be useful in several types of industries. Yet different pumps will be required to fulfil different requirements.  

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Picking the biggest dewatering pump is a mistake. Size does not ensure that it will meet all your necessities. Although it is a widespread misconception among buyers of dewatering pumps, it is a myth. This in fact can cause issues in the working of your dewatering pump. 

It can cause the problem of short cycling in the pump. This problem mainly arises in sewage dewatering pumps. Such pumps after installation can start-stop frequently due to the issue of short cycling which further leads to the pump burning out prematurely.  Therefore do not select a pump only on the basis of its size. It can turn out to be the worst decision you make. 

Other such beliefs can cost you a lot of money too. And this is exactly what we do not want. We are dedicated and responsible towards our business. We want our customers to make the right decision and be completely satisfied with the product, its working and our service as well. 

Thus we would like to tell you that a little bit of study and research can help you in the long run. All you need to do is understand the application thoroughly, the type of substance(liquid or semisolid) that you will dewater from the required site, the distance and the appropriate time required. Considering this factual information will help you make the right decision. And most importantly do not believe in any misconceptions.