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Cosmos Pumps dewatering pump in Chennai can help exponentially.

Listed below are the benefits of using our pump for all dewatering needs in Chennai:

  • We have a fleet of more than five hundred Submersible dewatering pumps. Their power range is from 3 HP to 75 HP. Our wide range of pumps also includes AutoPrime dewatering pumps. We have a fleet of fifty plus Auto Prime Dewatering Pumps that have a minimum 60 HP to a maximum of 105 HP.
  • So far we have successfully executed dewatering works in more than two hundred large infrastructure projects and flood control sites.
  • Our team of experienced technicians provide immediate backup support at the time of needs.
  • We have provided our dewatering pumps and services in all states of India along with several countries of the world.
  • Our vast experience enables us to provide customised solutions even in the toughest circumstances.
dewatering pump in chennai

Cosmos Pumps Dewatering Solutions

Cosmos Pumps provides the following dewatering solutions Pan India and all over the world:

  • Submersible Dewatering Pumps: We provide submersible dewatering pump in Chennai in various sectors. Our dewatering pumps can be employed at the sites buildings, factories and Airport constructions.
  • They can be used to remove unwanted water from facilities and general industries such as hotels, hospitals, Community buildings, and many others.
  • Autoprime Dewatering Pumps: Our range of autoprime dewatering pumps comes with canopy and can be portable and stationary as required. They are the best pumps to use for flood control. Our pumps can give maximum flow up to 3500 M3/hr. They have a compact size with maximum flow capacity. And can be used either through engine or motor drive. Moreover these pumps are available with the CosmoSmart Feature
  • Our COSMOSMART Feature enables customers of users of the pump to control certain features of the pump via an Android based mobile application. Data for the previous 6 months can also be checked.

Cosmos Pumps also provides dewatering pump in Kolkata and many other parts of the country.

dewatering pump chennai