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December 29, 2023

Features Of Cosmos Dewatering Pumps

Our range of dewatering pumps is an abode of high-tech features providing optimum operating performance consistently even under harsh conditions. Our submersible dewatering pumps are suitable for use in a number of applications including construction, mining, flood management, municipality, general infrastructure, etc. Below we have discussed the all the significant features of our dewatering pumps.


  1. The power cable used in all our pumps is 100% water and oil proof. It is insulated with PVC and is double sheathed. It has a flexible copper cable which is 15 metres in length.
  2. To prevent leakage of water from the cable entry side we have used 1 mtr long SS Steel grip and cable gland.
  3. Our motor has Class H insulation which ensures its protection under high temperature up to 180 degree celsius. In case of excessively high temperatures the bi-metallic thermal switches will protect the motor.
  4. The ball bearings used in our Electric submersible pumps are completely filled with greases of high temperature which also has anti-corrosive addictive. This ensures long life between intervals of service.
  5. To improve the life and performance of our dewatering pumps we have used rubber moulded wear plate, diffuser and nitride. The SS-410 impellers have an hardness of HRC 52-55. All of these are helpful in enhancing the pump’s life and performance in abrasive and muddy applications.
  6. To render maximum corrosion resistance all the hardware, strainer, outlet, lifting hooks and seal housing of all the dewatering pumps are placed in SS. This also improves the longevity of the pump.
  7. We have used aluminium alloy instead of cast iron in our pumps. This is best option for heat dissipation. This allows the pumps to run for longer periods of time without submergence.
  8. We have used modular sealing solutions to prevent leakage of water into motor during use in abrasive and muddy environment. The twin SS seals in tandem do this job.
  9. For optimised efficiency the gap between nitrile rubber moulded wear plate or diffuser and the impeller can be adjusted on site upto 5mm. This helps reducing the consumption of spare parts.
  10. What makes Cosmos Dewatering Pumps the most suitable one is its lightweight and modular design. The AI Alloy Top bracket, outer portable casing of upto 10 HP and the Pump base makes our pump stand out.
  11. In case of operation under saline water, the pumps can be equipped with sacrificial Zinc anodes as they will enhance the life of the pump.

We render all our dewatering pump all over the world including Dewatering Pumps Nigeria, Angola, and many other countries.