New Parliament House Construction in Delhi

Cosmos Pumps met the project deadline and saved a significant amount of money by effectively implementing an optimum dewatering plan. This allowed for the prompt excavation and construction of Delhi’s New Parliament House.

Overcoming Subterranean Water Challenges

The Problem:

Because the New Parliament building was scheduled to be completed in 24 months, it was difficult to dewater the site in a timely manner.


Timely dewatering difficulties might endanger meeting the two year development cutoff time for the New Parliament building, possibly prompting project delays and related monetary repercussions.

Pumps Used:

All submersible pumps (CDW, CSW, CNC, and CSL) and autoprime pumps (AutoPrime with canopy CAP EC/MC, AutoPrime without canopy CAP ET/MT, AutoPrime without canopy CAP EW/MW, and CAP on Skid)



Expedite Progress


Stick to the Project Schedule


Cost Control

Solution Implemented

For the dewatering procedure, the client received 22 (10 HP) and 12 (5 HP) submersible pumps. Dewatering was finished by the Cosmos Pumps group for 2 years during the uncovering work. Excavation work was difficult because the final location for the New Parliament building has ground water just 5 feet below the surface. Due to the accumulation of groundwater, the construction work was at a standstill. After observing the situation, the Cosmos Pumps team established a prompt response team. The entire conceptualization was carried out by the team, which devised a plan to connect drainage to the lower areas via area-specifically designed headers. Water was siphoned out from all little and enormous down regions and then moved to area specific headers where complete water was collected. At long last, all the amassed water was siphoned out from the header regions to the primary seepage framework, and the site was prepared for the development work.


  • Prompt Construction Development
  • Cost-cutting
  • Improved Wellbeing
  • Enhanced Partner Certainty

Project Outcomes and Strategic Insights

Long-term Benefits:

Infrastructure Integrity
Infrastructure Integrity

Dewatering the site completely helped in maintaining the integrity of the infrastructure thoroughly.

Operational Proficiency
Operational Proficiency

The operational proficiency of the construction of the New Parliament House improved with the help of Cosmos Pumps' dewatering solutions.


Timely dewatering during the development of the New Parliament working in no less than two year cutoff time was critical for guaranteeing project achievement and adherence to the plan.

Future Recommendations:

To guarantee an ideal finish of tasks and moderate its difficulties, consistent observation and versatile dewatering systems are prescribed to prudently address comparable difficulties, with Cosmos Pumps at the bleeding edge of advancement in pump innovation.