Project Hydroelectric in Jammu & Kashmir

The Jammu & Kashmir hydropower project guaranteed long-term operating reliability, improve turbine efficiency, and drastically decrease downtime by putting into place a quick and effective dewatering solution via the efforts of the entire Cosmos Pumps’ team.

Overcoming Subterranean Water Challenges

The Problem:

The hydroelectric project's turbine needed periodic maintenance. Dewatering was required since the tail tunnel was overflowing with water.


The implications could include extended periods of inactivity, reduced energy production, and even disruptions to future operations.

Pumps Used:

CDW & Autoprime range (AutoPrime without Canopy small trolley CAP EW/MW, AutoPrime without Canopy heavy trolley CAP ET/MT, AutoPrime with Canopy CAP EC/MC, CAP on Skid).



reduce downtime


maximize energy output


avoid operational disruptions

Solution Implemented

5HP–50HP submersible pumps: The client received 56 pumps and additional tools for rental on an end-to-end basis.
Project timeline: February–March of 2023
Duration: Although the project was supposed to take 60 days, the dewatering assignment was finished in 40 days thanks to the knowledge and solutions provided by the Cosmos Pumps team. It was a turnkey solution, including all the labor, safety, mobilization, pumps, pipes, and other equipment required for the project.


  • Higher Turbine Efficiency
  • Lower Downtime
  • Enhanced Reliability
  • Lower Costs
  • Environmental Preservation

Project Outcomes and Strategic Insights

Long-term Benefits:

Cost effectiveness
Cost effectiveness

Our dewatering solution proved to be cost-effective as it was completed before the stipulated time.

Sustainable Energy Production
Sustainable Energy Production

The Production of Sustainable Energy is the key long-term benefit of this project.


The Hydro Electric Project's continued dependability, efficiency, and environmental sustainability were all made possible by dewatering the tail tunnel.

Future Recommendations:

Implement proactive maintenance schedules for Turbine, continuous monitoring and adaptable dewatering strategies are recommended to preemptively address similar challenges, with Cosmos Pumps at the forefront of innovation in pump technology.