Requirements of Dewatering Pumps in Saudi Arabia

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June 28, 2024

Requirements of Dewatering Pumps in Saudi Arabia

Dewatering pumps remove unwanted water, sewage, slurry etc. there are typically two types of dewatering pumps -submersible and surface dewatering pumps.

Uses of Dewatering Pump in Saudi Arabia

Cosmos dewatering pump provides dewatering services for a large range of applications and environments in Saudi Arabia.

Building and construction– Any problem and delays on your construction sites can lead to  missing of deadlines and levying of penalties, with high water table in so many areas of Saudi Arabia and other gulf countries you need a reliable and tested company like Cosmos in this sector.

Water and waste– We have the best Submersible Dewatering Pump in Saudi Arabia, with a wide range of pumps, coverage and expertise  to meet the demand of the water industry, municipal corporations  and other service providers across the region.

Industrial waste pumping– Cosmos pumps provide huge range of application-specific solutions from pumping waste water to sludge and slurry.

Emergency water control-From pump breakdowns in any industry, to burst water mains, from dewatering on building sites to sewer collapses, chemical spills and waste discharge, we are with you always.

The cost of flooding and waterlogging can be serious in terms of financial penalties and impact on environment like in the case of chemical spillage or waste water discharge; whether it’s a disruption of a construction project, traffic mayhem or interrupted water supply we are there with you in every need.

Power plants-Without pumps, water diversion is a difficult task. Due to this reason, the majority of hydro project development pumps, throws out water and makes room for the construction of dam. Moreover, it is necessary to remove water from construction sites during rainy seasons. The steps involved in dewatering a typical procedure are collecting water, pumping, filtering/removing silt, and discharging.

Aim of Dewatering in Power Plants

  • Ensure Continuous Power Generation
  • Prevent Flooding
  • Maintain Tunnel Tail Integrity
  • Facilitate Effective Heat Exchange


Defense operations– Dewatering pumps are required in many military and defense operations. These pumps are required to provide field preparation for operations and to manage unwanted water in camps and building sites. It is usually used to drain the flooded area, maintain dry conditions for storage of military supplies and equipment and help in the construction of airstrips, highways etc. Dewatering pumps are also important for protecting buildings from water buildup during crises or natural catastrophes.  Choose Cosmos Pumps for your fluid management requirements.