What are Construction Dewatering Pumps?

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June 19, 2024

What are Construction Dewatering Pumps?

Water accumulation whether from rainfall, groundwater seepage or other sources pose a serious threat to construction activities by putting in danger safety of workers, stalling of construction or even compromising the integrity of the structure. In such a case, construction dewatering pump, can serve a vital role in the construction process.

A construction dewatering pump offers an effective solution for removing excess water and maintaining a dry work environment. So let’s dive into why construction dewatering pumps are important and how they play a major role in the success of construction projects.

What is a dewatering pump?

A dewatering pump is a specialized device used to remove excess water from excavations, construction sites, trenches, basements and other areas prone to water accumulation. They are widely used during construction activities. These pumps are used to prevent flooding, maintain dry working environments and ensure the stability and integrity of the structure.

Dewatering pumps are typically of two types, submersible and surface mounted, depending upon the application and depth of water. Submersible pumps are apt for deep excavations, basements and underwater use. They are installed directly into the water source.

On the other hand, surface mounted pumps are placed above the water level and are widely used in shallow excavation, surface water removal and trenches.

These pumps have powerful motors and impellers which can effectively and efficiently pump large volumes of water containing sand and mud.

They may also have additional features like agitators, automatic controls, variable speed settings etc. They may be made of special corrosion resistant materials according to difficult working environments.

Overall dewatering pumps are important tools to handle water accumulation and provide a dry working environment to construction workers and prevent construction structures against water damage. It provides stability and protects the integrity of construction structures.

What is slurry dewatering pump?

Slurry submersible pumps are designed to pump liquid containing solids and abrasive particles. Slurry dewatering pumps differs in design and manufacturing to adapt to different types of slurry, which varies in the concentration of solids, size of solid particles, shape of solid particles, and composition of solution types.

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